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Pompe à vélo AP 4.0
Pompe à vélo AP 4.0
Pompe à vélo AP 4.0
Pompe à vélo AP 4.0

Pompe à vélo AP 4.0

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Pompe à vélo Raleigh AP 4.0 avec pied en métal pliable et poignée en T réglable pour un rangement compact lorsqu’elle n’est pas utilisée
Offre jusqu’à 120 cm3 de pression avec l’indicateur à sa base
Tête double convenant aux valves Schrader et Presta

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Gordon Bois
Compact Bike Pump

Apart from already having a bike pump in my shed, this mountable bike pump is more efficient and accessible. Im glad I picked up this gem.

Jasmin Lapointe
Does not work on all Presta Valves

I have 2 different tires. Both Presta valves. The rear one works because the length is high enough for it to push the piston and open the valve when screwed in, the front tire, the cap is smaller and shorter. It doesn't open the valve...

Gauge Does not Work

As it says, pressure gauge does not work. Read on Raleigh's site and a lot of folks complain about the pressure gauge not working. I also can't figure out how to select between the 2 fittings as air only comes out of 1 side. I will be returning.


Exactly super and easy

Bicycle Snowplow
Interesting design

The handle pivots sideways so you have a bar to push down on when inflating a tire and the beast twist to become a foot hold to hold it against the ground. Tire pressure seems to be fairly accurate on the gauge. It loses about five PSI by the time you unscrew it so you can get pretty close by just adding five psi to what the gauge says. Then it should drop by five psi by the time you unscrewed. Interesting compact design. I have 12 inch wheels on my bicycle tent, trailer and most pumps will not get in there. The screw on valve adaptor is short enough that it actually works pretty good on that 12 inch size wheel.