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Ensemble de cadenas en U/câble, acier, 9 po

Ensemble de cadenas en U/câble, acier, 9 po

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Ensemble de cadenas en U/câble Raleigh en acier doté d’une combinaison à cadran de 4 chiffres réinitialisable
Arceau en U de 16 mm et câble en acier recouvert d’une gaine de vinyle de 12 mm
pour une meilleure résistance aux coupures
Dimensions du cadenas : 9 po
Dimensions du câble : 12 mm × 4 pi
Comprend un support de fixation et du velcro

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Horribly designed or defected

Unless mine was just defected, the design is horrible. The lock mechanism continually jams and will not align to open. After one use I spent 45 minutes trying to get it open again. After successfully doing so and using it four more times, I had to cut it to get access to my bike after spending more than an hour trying to get it to line up and unlock. Unfortunately I was away from home both times it jammed. Luckily the second time I was by Home Depot who graciously helped me or id be stuck. VERY disappointed and I also paid full price (I notice it’s not advertised about $10 less than I paid) I better be getting a refund from candian tire!


Des bonnes cadenas et pairfat pour le vlo.

Dennis Chan
Dont bother.

Bike stolen after 2 days. This only deters honest thieves.

Canadian Guy

Terrible lock, tumblers stopped working after 4 months. I returned it.

Jim Mc
Bike lock

The lock does not get a great rating for safety, thus I have replaced it with another brand.